The huge coral reef in front of the hotel is rich in fauna and is exceptional for snorkeling
and diving. The hotel organises dives and offers daily tours by boat to the magnificent
neighbouring islands (Aride, Courieuse, Marianne, La Digue, Petit Soeure, Grande Soeure,
Coco Island, Felicité, Cousin, Cousine) where you can enjoy or barbeques on the beach.
Other facilities available at the hotel :
- boutique
- water sports
- swimminp pool
- beach volley court
Excursions to Praslin leave from nearby Baie Ste: don't miss the " Valleé de Mai ",
the natural park of prehistoric vegetation where the characteristic coconut palm
" Coco de Mer " grows. UNESCO declared this park a World Heritage Site in 1984.
Facilities : swimming pool, boutiques, bar and restaurant with Creole and
International cuisine.

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