Welcome to the
New Emerald Cove Hotel

Built on its own private beach at Anse la Farine, the New Emerald Cove Hotel,
provides the perfect gateway to one of the most distinctive islands in the world:

Anse La Farine is situated opposite the Baie Ste. Anne jetty and the Hotel is
reached by short boat trip. With the sea being the only access route, the New
Emerald Cove offers its lucky guests a unique experience: that of being on an
island of one’s own.

The hotel is ideally situated between a thickly wooded hill on one side, and the
azure sea on the other, the New Emerald Cove offers comfortable and refined
accommodation in an unforgettable tropical setting. As there is no road access
tranquility and privacy are ensured.

The reception, the impressive high-ceiling restaurant and the seven chalets -
totaling 42 rooms - and are scattered in the lush gardens just beyond a white
sandy beach. The swimming pool, cleverly located almost on the beach itself,
offers beautiful views of La Digue and Round Island: a scenery that deserves to be

This, of course, provides the lucky guests with the added incentive for perfectly
justifiable, guilt-free lazing.

We look forward to meeting you at our little corner of Eden……..