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If paradise exists, it must look like the Seychelles archipelago, with its large rocks and sandy beaches. The water is crystal clear: Parrotfish and the famous Aldabra turtles swim there in peace. When it is not the sooty tern or the straw-in-tail escaped casino spiele kostenlos from the tropical forest, dense and woody ... Between two melancholic airs of "moutia", traditional Seychellois song and dance, the sun sets over the treasure of the pirate La Buse, never found. Let's explore it!

The Seychelles archipelago, discovered in 1742, includes 115 islands and islets scattered across the Indian Ocean in an Exclusive Economic Zone of 1.3 million km2. This string of islands deserves its tourist reputation: the white sand beaches are often deserted, the coral reefs teem with life, the fauna and flora have a unique character (the Seychelles fairy and widow, the giant turtle, the shark whale, coconut palm ...), the mountains are admirably wooded and the landscapes of great diversity (granite, madreporic). These remarkable sites offer lovers of unspoiled nature countless areas of discovery. With its magnificent photographs as well as texts with sought-after cultural and historical content, this Today guide from Jaguar editions will take you to meet the Seychelles.

In 1976, the year the country became independent, there was no industrial tuna fishing in Seychelles, and few experts predicted a major deposition of these fisheries. Today Victoria, the capital, which has become one of the most active tuna ports in the world, is home to one of the largest canning factories in the plant and the tuna industry is the key to the country's economy. It is often overlooked that the canned spelautomater tuna consumed in Europe comes mainly from Seychelles waters, which contain very significant tuna resources, discovered during experimental fishing campaigns carried out by French and Spanish tuna seiners. In only twenty years, the socio-economic benefits have been considerable, with the creation of jobs and the establishment of a semi-industrial longline fleet led by local operators. Scientific research has continuously supported this AWKWARD development, ensuring continuous monitoring of tuna fishing for reasoned management of stocks and the preservation of plagued ecosystems. The result of extensive documentary research and testimonies gathered from scientists, tuna bosses and political figures, this work traces the various stages of this "tuna pope" marked by successes and successes. He gives us a detailed and living story of this little-known slice of history that is nevertheless decisive for the economic development and diversification of the Seychelles, and for the tuna fisheries of the Indian Ocean.

Set like jewels in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles islands are famous for their ecological riches. On land, it is possible to admire the splendid and endemic black parrot of the Seychelles; the giant tortoises of Aldabra; trekking to the peaks of Mahe in search of the insect-eating carnivorous plant. Underwater you can explore the coral reef, home to hawksbill turtles, a kaleidoscopic variety of fish and the massive migration of whale sharks. Added to this is the colorful Creole culture of the islanders. Whether you are stopping for a day on a cruise, planning a honeymoon or going on a relaxing vacation, this comprehensive natcasino guide is a useful tool for visiting these islands that are the quintessence of tropical paradises.

Once the destination to spend the honeymoon has been selected, the real journey of life that every couple wants to be unforgettable will finally begin. 'Love travel guides' are written by professional authors and expert tourist journalists, and support couples in organizing their trip, but above all they accompany them to discover small romantic corners that are less traveled by mass tourism, to meet the needs on a journey of love. Chapters designed ad hoc contain all the information necessary to celebrate the wedding on the spot with a local rite. In addition, practical information and useful addresses for quality shopping and to enjoy culinary delights from around the world.

Each guide contains a "top ten" of the places considered absolutely unmissable and 10 "tips" on activities, events and places of interest for the visitor. A geographical and historical introduction gives the possibility to have a general vision of the country; there is no shortage of advice on accommodation, restaurants, slot machine a sous gratuit purchases of handicrafts, parties and events. A large part of the guide is dedicated to recommended itineraries, accompanied by a map and information necessary to tackle the route.


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